Principal’s Message






Dear Parents/Guardians, 

Welcome to the beginning of the 2019/2020 school year at John Muir Elementary! John Muir once said “Between every two pines is a door to a new world”.  This summer the Muir staff has worked diligently to create an atmosphere where your students will walk into a classroom that presents a new world and where their imagination is evoked.  Our hope is that each and every day your student/s will be challenged and engaged in a way that creates a lifelong learner. 

As Eagle’s, we will always look to S.O.A.R. This stands for Safe, Organized, Accountable, and Respectful.  S.O.A.R. is a behavioral matrix (included in this packet) that explains our school expectations and procedures for four main areas: Playground, Cafeteria, Shared Areas, and Classrooms. If we as a school (staff and students) learn and exemplify these four areas all throughout the year, we will be a better school because of it. Along with our continued implementation of S.O.A.R. we will be instituting a “house” system where students will be broken down into 6 different teams.  Each house will include age ranges from kindergarten through 6th grade.  Throughout the year we will teach character traits and areas of kindness that will be called “24 to S.O.A.R.” (also included in this packet).  Students will be recognized and can earn points for their house based on showing the attributes listed on the 24 to S.O.A.R.  There will be more communication to come in the next few weeks on how families can help support this school wide implementation. 

As always, my philosophy on communication is very much an open door policy, so I encourage you to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have.  I can be reached at 953-8106 or by email at



Mr. Collins